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Why Us

We're International

Our community is comprised of people from all over the world.


Diversity is our strong suite, with members from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Creative Groups

Our server is comprised creative groups including Artists, Developers, Musicians, Writers & Content Creators.


We are an adult community, with ages ranging from 18 to 50+.

About Us

The Vice Creators is a community that was initially founded in 2013 as a gaming group for adults only, but as our talents started to reveal themselves, a need for a creative outlet manifested. Thus came The Vice Creator's World.

The Vice Creators is one-half of the collective group THE VICERS, which encompasses both our gaming community and our creative community. Our Creative Community is built for people who want to learn and grow together. We support several creative disciplines that work in tandem with each other to create great projects and great products. We take pride in fostering a non-toxic learning environment and retaining quality creators.

Server Activities

Below is a just a few of the many activities you can participate in on our Server. Members are free to initiate their own events as well, however, if there is a particlular event you want us to host, dont be afraid to ask!

Community Projects

We host group projects which involve people from all different Creative Groups.

Entertainment Events

There are regular entertainment events, such as Watch Parties, Game Nights, and more.

Creative Competitions

We host Creative Competitions in which Creatives compete with each other. Sometimes, prizes are given to the winners!

Regular Meet & Greets

With the constant influx of new people, we hold regular Meet & Greets so that new comers feel comfortable and welcomed.

Our Plans

We are currently planning hosting private, members-only, gaming environments for Creator to be able to create whatever they. In addition to this, we look forward to opening exclusive open-world gaming servers to let members' imagination run wild.


Our events typically are a mix between spur-of-the-moment sessions and scheduled events. Here you will find what a typical month might look like in our community.

  • Sometimes you might see people randomly hanging out in a Voice Chat Channel.
  • Some larger group events might be happen every once in a while.
  • You might see a sponaneous game night happen.
  • You will probably see a creative contest start in which you can participate.

We have members from most major timezones across the planet.

Join Us

If this sounds like a place for you, come join us! Our members are friendly and enjoy participation! Just remember to respect our rules:

  • 18+ age requirement. (exceptions can be made)
  • Venting is okay, but we are not therapists.
  • Racism, sexism or homophobia is prohibited.
  • No political or religious discussion.
  • We are willing to help, but we are not your personal tutors.
  • No NSFW Content. (i.e. Nude, Graphic or Lewd images)
  • No advertising other servers. (Bannable Offense)

See you online!